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The scheme is now open to ALL qualified drivers and young non-drivers aged 15 years or over. This allows us to run two events simultaneously and provides invaluable, potentially lifesaving skills.

Qualified driver driving

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CarKraft Experience
Sunday, 12 November 2023
Porsche Experience Centre

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Qualified driver on skid pan

Qualified Drivers

A person who has passed their practical driving test and holds a full UK licence or equivalent national licence.

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Learner driver in car

Young Non-Drivers

A person who does not hold a full or provisional driving licence and must be 15yrs +

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The driving event which I attended last Saturday was outstanding. I believe that giving young drivers the earliest opportunity to get behind the wheel under the best possible supervision is really important. And I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been able to drive having not done so for over 18 months. I really appreciate being accommodated so well without any fuss. And it's certainly helped my confidence so that when I do finally get my licence back in the spring once I have passed the medical threshold I know that I can still drive ok.

Thank you for inviting me to the CarKraft event on Saturday, it was a great experience and I feel it was received really well by the other attendees. This is something I feel that every driver, experienced or not, could take advantage of. It was well run by knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional trainers from Highways, Police and staff at Porsche.

Just feedback from Saturday, I was nervous as going in on my own. As soon as I arrived I went start in to driving on the road, the officer (Neil) made me feel so relaxed immediately. The rest of the morning, was great, learning about traction control and ABS systems, were so reassuring, as I drive my two children and as a new driver I haven’t driven on ice yet. Thank you so much, it was absolutely amazing.