Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the person participating in the CarKraft course.

If you are booking this course on behalf of someone else then you agree to ensure that they have read and understood them.

  1. Receipt of the Booking Confirmation is acceptance of the Terms & Conditions
  2. Due to the high demand for places, if a participant fails to turn up without giving 'reasonable notice', this will result in a charge of £60 + VAT per person
  3. 'Reasonable notice' includes emailing carkraft@kierwsp.co.uk before 12 noon on the Friday before the event or ring/text 07583 078058 any time including the day of the event
  4. I confirm that I currently hold a full UK driving licence or equivalent from a country outside the UK (Please note that for the non-driver session a driving licence is not necessary)
  5. I confirm that I have not been disqualified from holding a driving licence (drivers & non-drivers)
  6. Participation is restricted to one session per person per year
  7. If you are found to have booked on to more than one event, we will cancel the booking and inform you of the cancellation 
  8. I accept that I must produce my driving licence and 'Check Code' (Please note that for the non-driver session a driving licence is not necessary) and if it is not produced then I will not be able to take part in the event
  9. I declare that I am in good health and my eyesight is up to the standard required for a UK driving test. I also declare that I am not suffering from any other medical condition or disability, which is likely to adversely affect my normal control of a vehicle or which might make it unsafe for me to drive or participate in the activity
  10. I accept that I shall be solely responsible for any decision as to my fitness to participate in any activity and as to whether to continue to drive any vehicle at any time whilst it is in my possession or under my control. I understand that Silverstone Circuits Limited, Porsche Cars Great Britain (PCGB), Rockingham Motor Speedway, R3 Rockingham, Northants County Council (NCC), Northamptonshire Highways and Northamptonshire Police reserves the right to remove me from the venue if it considers my actions to be dangerous or detrimental to other venue users
  11. I accept that I am responsible for adhering to all traffic legislation whilst driving on the road and that there will be no liability on Northamptonshire Police or Northamptonshire Highways should I be prosecuted for any traffic violation
  12. We reserve the right to breathalyse/drug wipe test any participant or member of staff if we suspect that they have consumed any intoxicants. If a result indicates the presence of ANY intoxicants then the person will not be permitted to take part in the event and may be subject to a Police intervention

Priority will be given to young drivers between the ages of 17-30yrs

Please bring your driving licence if you have one

All events are subject to change and may be cancelled at short notice due to adverse weather conditions.