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CarKraft can deliver bespoke driver training packages for business and company vehicle drivers. Our courses can increase driver awareness, help to reduce accidents, improve fuel efficiency and lower business overheads.

CarKraft - helping you fulfill your duty of care to employees.

Working in conjunction with R3 we provide unique and bespoke driver-training courses held at the purpose built Rockingham Motor Speedway in Corby

We recently carried out a pilot event for a group of managers from Kier and they provided some positive feedback: -

  • Good split between workshop training and practical training. Thought provoking and good understanding of how to be a better driver
  • An excellent days training, all 4 modules very well presented and very relevant
  • We have practical health and safety training for a wide range of work equipment and operations but only a basic online 'permit to drive' for the most dangerous activity we're required to undertake as part of our jobs
  • The course was taught well and was a great fun. The skid control was very useful, as a lot of people were not aware of how to control the skid. It was good to get judgement on how well my day to day driving was, and do spacial awareness course. The best part was that we were all given written comments about our driving and how we got on. I definitely enjoyed it and found it useful. I would definitely recommend this to many people

The drivers took part in several driving based activities during the day that:

  • Revised driver attitude to vehicle and driver limits
  • Raised awareness of safer and more economical driving
  • Provided knowledge of vehicle systems and driver influence to the systems
  •  Provided measured learning
  •  Instilled a memorable driver safety ethic
  •  Created drivers who become Ambassadors for safe driving

PROGRAMME (subject to requirements and only for illustrative purposes)

Registration/licence check


Including written test
(a snapshot of where individual drivers are ‘at’ now)


Our experience has proven that enhanced learning is as much about seeing others drive as driving yourself. Some things are easier to see and understand when you are an observer.

On this basis our initial road driving session for this event is performed in our Instructor vehicle on public roads with two drivers to one Instructor. Each driver will have two at-the-wheel sessions while the other observes.

Particular attention will be made to safety and eco-driving techniques while putting the skid and workshop sessions into context on the public roads.

Post-drive, the Instructor completes a confidential driver analysis. This measurement will be used as reference to the employer as required.


By actually feeling the sensation of fear and loss of control (but in a controlled environment) provides the driver with a true respect for their actions in the car. It certainly gets their attention better than a video or words can. Using our unique low friction surfaces and kick-plate we provide anti-collision training using active safety systems along with practical experience of how they work and why they are in the vehicle.

We find it much more effective that drivers experience this activity in their regular vehicle as this is most likely to be the one they would lose control of on the public roads. The activity is very stringent on safety with only one car on the active area at any time:

- Emergency stops using ABS/EBA on ice and on wet road

- Cornering with ESC on/off to show difference and what it does

- Pulling away from junction on snow/ice illustrating TC benefits

- Emergency ABS steer & avoid; lane-change using our water obstacle

- Skid/spin recognition and driver correction using the ‘kick plate’

A detailed analysis sheet is prepared for each driver and will be included in the post-event feedback.


How to avoid crashes/skids, driver distractions and importance of driver awareness, driving to the road conditions, the LADA principle, the 2 second rule, vehicle legal requirements relating to crashes (particularly losing control) vehicle weight transfer, effects of speed and much more.


At the end of the course, all drivers re-take the written test.
Given the detail provided in the workshop and also the practical driving sessions, all drivers should be able to complete the test and achieve 100%.

The difference between the original score and the latter will be recorded as an advancement rate for the course and is indicative of how receptive the individual has been. If necessary this can remain confidential and will only be related to the driver concerned (or HR where applicable).

One day programme: -

24 drivers per day

Prices on application

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Employers' have a responsibility for work-related road safety: -

The Corporate Manslaughter Bill and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 came into force on 6th April 2008  meaning that for the first time; companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures.

Health and Safety law requires that employers and the self-employed ensure so far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all employees and others who may be put at risk from their work activities.

After passing an initial qualification test, Goods vehicle drivers are now required to complete 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years.  Currently, there is no requirement for formal training of other employees who drive as part of their employment.  However, there is a responsibility and a duty of care on all employers to ensure that their employees receive appropriate driver training.