Qualified Drivers



After the welcome and briefing, all of the participants will take part in a Safer Driving, Roles and Responsibilities workshop led by an experienced front line Police Officer and a retired Police Forensic Collision Investigator now working as a Road Safety Officer. 

The workshop covers:

  • Failing to look/judge
  • Excess & Inappropriate Speed
  • Drink/Drug Driving
  • Mobile Phones
  • Seat Belts - in car safety

These topics are the main causation factors involved in people being seriously injured or killed in Road Traffic Collisions.

Kick Plate/Ice Hill/WetGrip area

The Kick Plate/WetGrip areas are a metal plate set flush with the road surface and triggered remotely as the car travels over it thereby generating the effect of a loss of wheel traction.

The Ice Hill generates the feel of sheet ice with controlled water jets. The area allows participants to explore car control under extreme road conditions. Furthermore, the participant will learn to understand how the car handles and how ABS (anti-lock brakes) work.

There are two participants in each car (where possible we try to put people of a similar age together).

Observed Drive

This is not an assessment or driving lesson, it a chance to drive a pre-determined route, comprising both motorway and rural roads whilst under the observation of a highly trained Police Advanced Driver. The officer will suggest advanced techniques for the participants to integrate into their driving, building skills of anticipation and awareness making safer, more confident drivers.

Each of the elements are programmed to run for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Participants will be using cars provided by Renault UK and insured by Adrian Flux.