Why Us

CarKraft is recognized as a class leader in the field of driver training and improvement.

CarKraft commenced in 2001 and is aimed at young drivers between 15-30 yrs. 

In 2006, it was awarded a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

In 2015, CarKraft was shortlisted for the The FirstCar Young Driver Road Safety Awards.

In 2017, CarKraft was shortlisted for two national industry road safety awards: 

  • It was runner up in the 'Road Safety Scheme or Project of the Year' category by The Highways Awards
  • It shortlisted for the 'Vulnerable Road Users Safety' category at the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport annual awards for excellence

Current figures show that around 10000 pre and young drivers have taken advantage of the CarKraft scheme and around 200 older drivers have also benefitted. A positive outcome of this training saw the number of killed or seriously injured (KSI's) on Northamptonshire’s roads fall to an all-time low in 2014.

A full and independent evaluation published by the Department for Transport as part of a best practice study concluded that:

"catching young road users prior to full-scale independent driving brought about the greatest improvements in attitudes"
Dr Julie Gandolfi, driving research expert

The schemes have been hugely popular, regularly over-subscribed and have attracted numerous best practice visits by other local authorities. The results speak for themselves, but please take a moment to discover what some of our drivers thought of their experience in the testimonials section of this website.

"The CarKraft Driver Improvement Scheme was first introduced in 2001 as a direct response to the disproportionate number of young driver casualties (17 -25) occurring on the road network in Northamptonshire. Driver error, excess speed, excess alcohol and inexperience were identified as the major contributory factors and the CarKraft scheme was designed to address these issues during intensive information and skills days at Silverstone.

As a high volume, low cost scheme it harnesses the skills and experience of a number of high profile partners including Police Advanced Drivers. A range of workshops target young drivers’ attitudes to risk as well as demonstrating effective measures relating to defensive driving skills.

CarKraft has continued to evolve and over 10,000 young drivers have benefited to date from this award winning partnership scheme, which was also showcased at the Global Road Safety Conference in Brussels. It continues to be hugely popular and has made a positive impact on young driver casualty figures in Northamptonshire. In my view the CarKraft Driver Improvement Scheme is a testament to the effectiveness of sustained and targeted educational initiatives."

John Spencer - Road Safety & Sustainability Team Leader, Northamptonshire Highways