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The scheme is now open to ALL qualified drivers and young non-drivers aged 15 years or over. This allows us to run two events simultaneously and provides invaluable, potentially lifesaving skills.

Qualified driver driving

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CarKraft Experience
Sunday, 12 November 2023
Porsche Experience Centre

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Qualified driver on skid pan

Qualified Drivers

A person who has passed their practical driving test and holds a full UK licence or equivalent national licence.

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Learner driver in car

Young Non-Drivers

A person who does not hold a full or provisional driving licence and must be 15yrs +

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That was a brilliant event. Thank you. Even my wife thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s not every day that you get to whizz a police car around a skid pad.

Just wanted to express a big thank you following the session I attended today. It was a wonderful opportunity to participate in a truly unique experience, combining education and practical skills. I really appreciate the efforts of everyone involved, which will leave a deep impression.

It was very good thank you! Found it extremely helpful especially the skid plane part. I also went out driving with a police officer in the car which was interesting but he gave me lots of helpful pointers on ways to improve my driving. Thank you again for organising a separate spot for me I appreciate it.