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Anna and I would like to thank you very much for making it possible for her to attend the 12.00 CarKraft session at Silverstone today.  In spite of initial nerves Anna enjoyed her experience and was soon put at ease by your friendly staff.  Interestingly she said that she now has much more respect for my driving!

Anna also enjoyed the classroom session

Thanks for your help in arranging for Bailey and Elise to have this driving opportunity.  They both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and haven’t stopped talking about it.  
Kimberley - Twitter
I came with my brothers, was a great day, we all learnt a lot and had a great time. would really recommend this to anyone looking to book!

We have just arrived home after my daughter Sioned and her friend Josh attended the session at Silverstone. 

I wanted to say thank you, they thoroughly enjoyed the day and the opportunity to drive at 16!

It’s brilliant that the day is able to run free of charge, I hope it continues. 

Thanks again 


Officially shattered....but had the best day at Silverstone, some amazing young people, lots of laughs, a great co worker, Teresa Mahon...Thank you Keith Millard for allowing us to work with this incredible bunch...


Fab morning ! Thank you very much. Really enjoyed it... 


Would recommend this for friends and family. This certainly helped in this snowy weather we had knowing both my children did this. ????


My daughter attended the session yesterday and I wanted to provide feedback on how excellent the whole afternoon was and how much she gained from it… it has built her awareness and confidence no end.

I think it is an superb opportunity to provide to young and inexperienced drivers and wanted to thank you for making it possible – much appreciated.

Good luck for many more similar events.


It really was excellent, I went along and thoroughly enjoyed it and above all felt I learnt things that will help keep me safe. Particularly with regard to anticipating what other drivers are doing.

Please pass on my thanks to the team

I attended the CarKraft session at Silverstone on Sunday 23rd April. It was the first time I had driven a car- the experience was amazing. 

On behalf of myself and my two friends, Jane and Lin,  I would like to thank you and your colleagues for an excellent day at Rockingham yesterday.  We learnt a good deal, experienced even more and really appreciated the opportunity to participate in CarKraft.


I attended the afternoon session, unsure what to expect, and largely outnumbered by participants who were obviously much younger than myself.
Nevertheless, I was warmly welcomed by the CarKraft staff manning the reception desk:  I was put at my ease, and was provided with a coloured lanyard

From the outset I can honestly say that the whole CarKraft experience is one which I thoroughly enjoyed, and would heartily recommend to anyone, of whatever age or experience:  if their aim is to improve their driving knowledge base and practically raise their perceptional awareness, then this free to attend opportunity, funded by Northamptonshire Highways and Northamptonshire Police, under the management of CarKraft, is not to be missed.

Each participant's ID lanyard is colour coded, and each colour group embark upon a programme of Police Class 1 Advanced observed drives; a session on the skid pan which incorporates an extremely effective kick-plate; and a surprisingly productive, relaxed, informal class-room session, again led by a Police Class 1 Advanced driver.

I particularly benefitted from the observed drive (with Mo)
She was immensely supportive and proactive, with the admirable ability to be informal and friendly whilst, when necessary, helping me to improve my drive and my visualisation of the road ahead.  And her lightly included gems of pertinent information, related to road signs and roadside features, were priceless.

Suffice to say that the skid pan session took me entirely out of my comfort zone. However, both myself and my instructor felt that some positive progress had been made by the end of the session.

The classroom session was informative, at times surpising, relaxed and on several occasions, immensely amusing.  A brilliant closing session to what had been a very productive and enjoyable driving day.

Thank you all; reception, managers, observer, instructor and lecturer.
You each, in your own personal way, made my CarKaft experience a very beneficial and memorable one.
I will certainly encourage my four sons to book onto a course as soon as possible.


I would just like to say 'thank you' to everyone for the course my friends and I completed yesterday. I have had a licence for some time but haven't done much driving until recently. I was very nervous to start with but everyone was so helpful and supportive that it wasn't as scary as I expected and I learnt a lot.

I've never been in a skid before and having done that part I definitely don't want to do one 'in real life'.

Thank you

The CarKraft Team

Hi Keith,
Just wanted to say thanks very much for allowing us to attend on Sunday. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
Stewart my instructor was very good and also thank you to Tony the Police Officer.
I'm hoping what I've learnt will stand me in good stead should I ever get in a tricky situation on the road.
Kind regards
Many thanks for yesterday's driving experience!
The boys loved it! Great set up
To CarKraft
Thank you for a wonderful day at Silverstone on 11 September. I thoroughly enjoyed ther sessions and will be recommending them to friends and family. Thanks again. Kirsty
My friend said it was fantastic!
Hi Keith,
Just wanted to say - Excellent day at CarKraft - real learning curve for both of us!
I have one very happy daughter. She did the driving experience at Rockingham and loved it. She said they learnt the basics, as well as the importance of not drink driving and she now cannot wait to start driving properly next year.
From my point of view, I had tried to find her a driving experience for her birthday and came across CarKraft, which was free. It is a fantastic opportunity for teens not yet 17 to have their first proper driving experience in a safe environment with a professional instructor. To get the same experience elsewhere would have cost around £100. Bethany has had an experience with you and her younger sister who has just turned 14 cannot wait to have a go next year.
CarKraft offer a great experience for young drivers and we would definitely recommend you!
Thank you all again


I have just returned home from the event held in Rockingham today and thoroughly enjoyed myself and found the whole experience excellent and informative.


Thanks everyone, daughter loved Carkraft! Superb experience.

thanks for today my 15yr old son had a fab time, one happy Aspergers kid
Loving the new Twingo provided by Renault UK CarKraft @ Rockingham

My family of 5 attended either the driver or non driver at the Rockingham CarKraft sessions in April 16.

When we arrived the organisation was flawless and staff were very welcoming.

The experience of being on the simulated icy road was great and I am certainly far more confident that I would react correctly should I skid again. I believe increasing this experience and knowledge will certainly make our roads safer.

In the weeks since the course the constructive comments of the Police Officer we drove with have made us more aware of how to improve our driving and has had a very positive impact.

Thank you for organizing these brilliant sessions.


I attended the driver event with my husband at Rockingham Raceway last weekend, which was brilliant. 


Dear Keith 

Just to say many thanks to you & Julie for Carkraft yesterday. Really informative & useful. It was a great morning. 

Many thanks 


May I take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of the team for the CarKraft day on 11 October.  As someone who was trained in Advanced Driving in the 1990's, it made me realise how much my skills needed to be updated - in particular in relation to skidding.  It also gave me the opportunity to brush up on my technique, and to gain some good and relevant advice about my driving. Please pass on my thanks to all concerned.
Just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic afternoon yesterday. We really enjoyed it and picked up lots of tips as well. Our instructors - Andy and Jason - were both professional and friendly and we took away new ideas from your session as well. All in all an educational and fun afternoon out. Thanks again for a great afternoon.
We're proudly backing CarKraft for a 6th year to help prevent serious road accidents in Northamptonshire.
Renault UK
Great day at CarKraft. Very informative & great fun. Fantastic experience. Very well organised. Many thanks.
First time I've driven a car today. Can't wait to learn next year.
I had an amazing day with CarKraft at Silverstone today. Many thanks to all the people who make it possible. Get booked asap people.
Nicola C

I attended the latest event a couple of days ago and am writing to say what a fantastic experience it was.

I have been driving for over 25 years and the day gave me the opportunity to review my driving style and practice skid control in a safe environment. I really did learn a lot in all sessions and feel it has already benefitted me in making me a better driver.

This is such an important experience it should be made compulsory for all drivers.

Thanks to everyone who spent time helping me improve my driving skills.


Many thanks for arranging for myself and my son, Paul to attend the CarKraft Experience at the Porsche Driving Experience.

We both had a "Great Day" and had a wonderful experience "PERFECT".

I personally learnt a lot, which I hope will help me to pass my IAM test.

I only hope my memory won't let me down on answering the Highway Code...here's hoping!


I attended the course on Sunday and found it thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and useful!

Please thank all concerned.


As a car manufacturer, Renault’s aim is to make the road a safer place. That’s why we have supported the excellent CarKraft initiative for six years to promote safer driving, especially for young motorists, where they can learn car control skills in new Renault cars in a safe environment.

Jeremy Townsend, Communications Director, Renault UK & Ireland
I attended this course when I was 17, recommended by my uncle who helps to run the day and other family members who have previously done it themselves.
I found the day extremely informative and as I hadn't sat behind the wheel of a car before, it was fun and exciting as well. The classroom part of the day was interesting as I learnt different facts about alcohol and collisions that I wouldn't be aware of if I hadn't done CarKraft. The lesson was interactive and had a laid back approach which suited me well. When it came to actually driving the car, the instructor was very kind and helpful, he took his time as he knew I hadn't drive before (I was with a friend who had some practice) and so he took a different style of teaching to suit both our needs and didn't run off a script to us. The whole day was fun and everyone I know has enjoyed it a lot. It is carefully and well put together to ensure everyone has the a good and fair amount of time in both the car and the classroom which is an important factor to consider when organising these things.
This day helped a great deal when it came to me starting my official driving lessons, which I have since done. I didn't have to sit in a car park talking the instructor for an hour and we were able to start driving almost straight away. I think my progress would have been a lot slower if I hadn't attended CarKraft because I wouldn't know the fundamental basics and would be useless behind the wheel! I would highly recommend CarKraft to anybody wanting to learn to drive, had a test coming up or already drives and wants more experience. I will be coming back when I have passed my test for the driver session to experience different driving conditions. I am glad I attended as I was hesitant to at first but it was well worth it! (and you get to say you've driven at Silverstone so that's a plus).
I just wanted to express a big thank you following the session I attended today.

It was a wonderful opportunity to participate in a truly unique experience, combining education and practical skills.

I really appreciate the efforts of everyone involved, which will leave a deep impression.

Marian Cross
Marian Cross

Thanks for a great day. Useful feedback from Emily on my driving & the tuition on the kickplate & ice plate was better than on the Porsche Day!

We've just got home and just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for a great afternoon. We all enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.

I would just like to say thanks for a great day out at Silverstone on the carkraft course. I have taken several thinks away with me and will act on them on the road. Could I please ask that you give a big thank you to all of the team over there it's a great day out and very help full again many thanks.
Stuart clark
Stuart Clark

Hello Keith. Thanks for a great day. Useful feedback from Emily on my driving & the tuition on the kickplate & ice plate was better than on the Porsche Day!

We've just got home and wanted to thank you and your colleagues for a great afternoon. We all enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.


I thought I would pass on the feedback we had from many of the 30 or so people associated with our group, who attended the CarKraft sessions recently. It was universally positive.  They found it informative, helpful and very enjoyable.  They were particularly impressed with the quality of the instruction and guidance provided, and the facilities in general.  Everyone learned something they felt would benefit their driving and increase their awareness and safety. Thanks for your continued efforts and keep up the good work.

John Norrie

Group Chairman Northampton Advanced Motorists.

John Norrie
Just to say thank you for the event on Sunday at Silverstone it was well run and organised, Sam thoroughly enjoyed it, I was surprised how well he did driving for the first time, if there are other similar events please could you let me know if possible.

Jay attended today's, Sunday 15th June driving experience and thoroughly enjoyed it so thank you very much, I will be looking to book myself & my husband into the one in September.


Thank you for organising such a splendid day on Sunday! I thoroughly enjoyed the CarKraft session, especially the ice hill and kick plates! Please would you pass on my thanks to all who worked to make the day a success.
I really enjoyed my morning at the CarKraft event and was very pleased to have been given the opportunity to attend.  I am more than happy to recommend the event.  I enjoyed the drive out on the road and learnt quite a bit which made me think about how I drive!

I thoroughly enjoyed the day thanks to the fun and knowledgeable staff!

After skidding on black ice last winter, the ice plates really helped to get my confidence back and I will know how to stay in control of the car if it happens again.

The police assessment driving was excellent on gaining advice for small tweaks to improve your driving. I have and will continue to recommend this experience to everyone and it is definitely value for money! Please pass on my thank you to the team.


The whole event was very informative, yet interesting and I did thoroughly enjoy it. I will be returning as soon as I can to do the advanced driving. Thank you again.

It was well worth giving up a Saturday to do. I enjoyed both practical and theory sides of the day and learnt a lot.

I found the event very informative, well organized and well presented, as well as being extremely enjoyable. The hands on driving at the Ice Hill and Kick Plate was an excellent opportunity to experience car control (and loss of control) in a safe environment.

The advice and suggestions from the police officer during the road driving was also welcome.

Graham Stanton

The driving event which I attended last Saturday was outstanding . I believe that giving young drivers the earliest opportunity to get behind the wheel under the best possible supervision is really important. I have booked my 15 year old stepdaughter in to the session being run at Thruxton later this month.  And I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been able to drive having not done so for over 18 months. I really appreciate being accommodated so well without any fuss. And it's certainly helped my confidence so that when I do finally get my licence back in the spring once I have passed the medical threshold I know that I can still drive ok.

The cars were great fun to drive. Would have loved to have been out in one of the Porsches of course ( as a former Boxster and 911 owner) In my search for an opportunity to get back behind the wheel I did enquire about taking part in a session at the Porsche centre, as a member of the Porsche Club GB  but they weren't able to accommodate me under the circumstances.

Naomi Stratford

I thought the day was really well planned out and fun, the driving part was very good and class room time gave you something to think about


I enjoyed the day, loved the driving part and it was interesting!!!   I would love to do it again!!

Mr Cameron Brown

CarKraft was a great experience. The day was informative and well organised which allowed plenty of time for 'hands on experience' in the cars. The skills I learnt definitely built my confidence and I couldn't wait to put them into practice! Would recommend it to anyone.


From my point of view, I thought that it was well organised and pitched at the right level for the age group. The booking was easy and people involved were very friendly. It allowed the participants the freedom of getting the 'feel' of driving a car without having to worry about other road users.

I think that it allowed them to have the 'thrill' of driving without the associated risks and gave them safety information that was relevant, interesting and fun. It also gave them the opportunity to decide whether they actually enjoyed driving.


Being advised by police officers about safety on the roads.

Getting the opportunity to drive at Silverstone and getting a chance to get behind the wheel without being on the open roads.

Being advised about insurance and driving lessons.

The extremely relaxed atmosphere - laid back yet informative.

Just to say a big thank you for today, Sunday 15th June.  The girls had a fantastic time.  Hopefully I'll be there in September's event.